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Trabon & Lubriquip Pumps

Modu-Flo Pump Packages

Ordering Instructions

HLJ (Hydraulic) Pump

(Bulletin 12000)

AL, ALS (Pneumatic) Pump

(Bulletin 12000)

Modu-Flo II Electric Pump

(Bulletin 12011)

LubriSystem Air Operated Pump

(Bulletin 12100)

LubriSystem Hand Operated Pump

(Bulletin 12100)

LubriSystem Electric Motor Pump

(Bulletin 12100)

Injecto-Flo Hand Operated (PDI) Pump

(Bulletin 12120)

Injecto-Flo Air Operated (PDI) Pump

(Bulletin 12120)

Injecto-Flo EO-1 Electric Motor Operated (PDI) Pump

(Bulletin 12120)

Injecto-Flo EO-3 Electric Motor Operated (PDI) Pump

(Bulletin 12120)

Die-Lube (Airless Spray System) Pump

(Bulletin 12150)

Air Power Barrel Pump

(Bulletin 12200)

Drum Pumps

(Bulletin 12216)

Tri-Lube H.D. 24 VDC Grease Pump

(Bulletin 12250)

Tri-Lube with DC Motor

(Bulletin 12255)

Tri-Lube with AC Motor

(Bulletin 12255)

HLJ-100A Double Acting Pump

(Bulletin 12306)

MLS Series Mechanical Pump

(Bulletin 12310)

Manual Oil or Grease Pumps

(Bulletin 12405)

Wall Mounted Manual Pump

(Bulletin 12406)

Portable Filler Pak

(Bulletin 12411)

PH Manual (PDI) Single Acting Pump

(Bulletin 12415)

MVB Series Progressive System Pump

(Bulletin 12506)

Miniature MeterFlo Electric Pump Packages

(Bulletin 12600)

Injecto-Flo AO-1 Air Operated Pump

(Bulletin 12601)

EO-1 Electric Pump Packages

(Bulletin 12605)

EO-2 Electric Pump Packages

(Bulletin 12607)

Injecto-Flo EO-3 Electric Operated Pump

(Bulletin 12606)

MeterFlo Pump Packages

(Bulletin 12608)

MeterFlo Direct-Drive Pump

(Bulletin 12611)

Lubemaster Pump

(Bulletin 12715)

Mul-T-Shot (Air Operated) Pump

(Bulletin 12825)

MSA-10 (Air Operated) Pump

(Bulletin 12850)

MSA-100 (Air Operated) Pump

(Bulletin 12851)

Maxi-Flo Pump Packages

(Bulletin 13110)

E Series (PDI) Pneumatic Pump

(Bulletin 13126)

WheelMaster Solid Lubricant Application System

(Bulletin 13200)

Thrif-T Luber Manual Pump

(Bulletin TL-100)

Thrif-T Luber Electric Pump

(Bulletin TL-101)

Electric-Hydraulic Barrel Pump

for Oil & Grease SERIES 400

Meter-Mist Lubricator

Divider Valves (Series Progressive Systems)

MSP Divider Valves

Ordering Instructions

MH Divider Valves

(Bulletin 10103)

MJ Divider Valves

(Bulletin 10111)

MX and MXO Divider Valves

(Bulletin 10131)

MGO Divider Valves

(Bulletin 10141)

MD Divider Valves

(Bulletin 10151)

Control and Monitoring

DC Timer

(Bulletin 14511)

Solid State Timer

(Bulletin 14521)

SC-Solid State Stroke Counter

(Bulletin 14522)

TC-1000 Solid State Timer/Counter

(Bulletin 14530)

LC-1000 Lube System Controller

(Bulletin 14540)

MH3000 Lube Meter

(Bulletin 14630)

Lube Sentinel II Monitor

(Bulletin 14701)

WMP III Maxi-Monitor

(Bulletin 14750, 14752)

Multi-Purpose Controller (MPC)

(Bulletin 14760)

WMX Maxi-Monitor

(Bulletin 14721)

Burst / Rupture Discs

(11/16" Dia.)

900-3250 PSI

Black, Green, Yellow, Red, Orange, Aluminum, Pink, Blue and Purple

(3/8" Dia.)

900-5000 PSI

Black, Yellow, Red, Orange, Aluminum, Pink, Blue, Purple and Brown


Thrif-T Luber Orifices

(Bulletin 15101)

Tube & Pipe Fittings

Straight & Angle Swivels

(Bulletin 15121)

Mounting Anchor Fitting

Feeder Installation Accessories

(Bulletin 15200)

Lubricant Filters and Strainers


(Bulletin 15390)

Lube Point Oil Monitor

Performance Indicators

(Bulletin 15416)

Broken Line Indicator

Pressure Switches

(Bulletin 15600)

Cycle Indicator Proximity Switches

Balancing Valves

(Bulletin 15825)

Check Valves

Electric / Pneumatic Lube Sentry Valves

(Bulletin 15835)

Model R-2 Reservoir

Spray Valve

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