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Lubesite Systems
LubeSite On-Demand Greasers

200 Series

(Polycarbonate Base)

(Model: 202, 205 and 260)

Request Bulletin: 32854

300 Series

(Metal Base)

(Model: 302, 305 and 360)

Request Bulletin: 32854

400 Series

(Pre-Filled Demand Feed)

(Model: 404 and 410)

Request Bulletin: 32854

500 Series

(Corrosion Resistant Metal Base)

(Model: 502, 505 and 560)

Request Bulletin: 32854

700 Series

(High Temperature Metal Base)

(Model: 704)

Request Bulletin: 32846

Model: 900 LubeLine

(Remote Grease Refill Kit)

(Works With Series: 200, 300, 500 and 700)

LubeSite Oilers


Gravity Feed Oiler

(Polycarbonate Reservoir: 4oz or 8oz)

(Model: G-4 and G-8)

Drip Oiler

(Polycarbonate Dome: 4oz or 8oz)

(Model: D-4 and D-8)

Wick Oiler

(Polycarbonate Dome: 4oz or 8oz)

(Wick Material: Foam)

(Model: W-4 and W-8)

Chain Oiler

(Polycarbonate Dome: 4oz, 120ml or 8oz)

(Model: FB-4, FB-4CAM, RB-4, RB-4CAM, FB-8, FB-8CAM, RB-8, RB-8CAM)

LubeSite Savor Oilers

Savor G-5 Gravity Feed Oiler

(Capacity: 5oz)

(Model: G-5)

Savor D-5 Drip Oiler

(Capacity: 5oz)

(Model: D-5)

Savor W-5 Wick Oiler

(Wick Material: Foam)

(Capacity: 5oz)

(Model: W-5)

(Request Bulletin: 32856)

Savor FB-5 and RB-5 Chain Oiler

(Capacity: 5oz and 150ml)

(Model: FB-5 and RB-5)

(Request Bulletin: 32856)

LubeSite Motor Driven

LubeStation For Oil

(Model: LS805-8TO and LS805-8TAO)

(Reservoir Capacity: 8oz)

(6VDC or 94-240VAC)

LubeStation For Grease

(Model: LS804-8RTO and LS804-RTAO)

(Reservoir Capacity: 8oz)

(6VDC or 94-240VAC)

LubeSite Accessories

Oil Level Sight Plugs

Part No: LSPB-38 (3/8"-18")

Part No: LSPB-50 (1/2"-14")

Part No: LSPB-75 (3/4"-14")

Part No: LSPB-100 (1-11 1/2")

Part No: LSPB-125 (1 1/4"-11 1/2")

Vented Liquid Level Sights

Model: LLS-3M (1/8" NPT Male)

Model: LLS-3F (1/8" NPT Female)

Adjustable Valve Flow Sight

(Part Number: 824-5)

LubeSite Centralized Systems

ACP-5 Automatic Cyclic Oiler

Part No: 32529-1 (5.3min, 115/230V)

Part No: 32529-2 (8.9min, 115/230V)

Part No: 32529-3 (13.3min, 115/230V)

Part No: 32529-4 (27.7min, 115/230V)

Part No: 32529-5 (106.7min, 115/230V)

Part No: 32529-6 (5.3min, 115/230V)

MCP-5 Manual Oiler

Part No: 33318 (MCP-5R) Right Hand

Part No: 33317 (MCP-5L) Left Hand

(Discharge Volume: 1~5cc Adjustable)

(Request Bulletin: 32823)

SureShot - Manual Lube Kit

Divider Block w/ 2, 6, 8, 10 or 12 Points



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