Interlube Pneumatic Piston Pumps

(CAB) Plastic Reservoir

Model: 10P-E2 (For Oil or Grease)

Cast Aluminum

Model: 10P-E1,5 (1.5L Res) For Oil or Grease

Model: 10P-E4,5 (4.5L Res) For Oil or Grease

Interlube Gear Pumps

MGP Series (Reservoir Mounted)

MGP Series (Foot Mounted)

Interlube Electrically Operated Single Line System

GX Series

(With or Without Controller)

Interlube Electrically Operated Single Line Metered System

E Series

(Part Number: LF....



Interlube Hydraulic / Pneumatic Single Line System

AH Series

(Part Number: LP....



Interlube Manually Operated Single Line Metered System

Model: LT1003 (Reservoir Mounted)

Model: LT2003 (Sump Mounted)



Interlube Hand Operated Spring Discharge Pump

AH Series

Model: HO1200



Interlube Radial Grease Systems

Radial Major

(Driven By A Helical Geared Electric Motor Mounted On Base Plate)

Model: MR....

Radial Minor

(Driven By An Electric Motor And Mounted On A Base Plate)

Model: AF....

Interlube Electrically Operated Multi-Line System

AX-1 Series

(1.25L Reservoir)

(Maximum 24 Lube Pumps)

AX-1 Series

(2L Reservoir)

(Maximum 36 Lube Pumps)

AX-3 Series

(3L Reservoir)

(Maximum 60 Lube Pumps)

Interlube Flow Units (Single Line Systems)

IH Series

(1/8" BSP Taper x 1/8"-27 NPT)

IH20, IH21, IH22, IH23, IH24, IH25, IH26, IH27, IH28, IH29

IM Series

(5/16-24UNF x 5/16-24UNF)

IM20, IM21, IM22, IM23, IM24, IM25, IM26, IM27, IM28, IM29

IW Series

(1/8"-27 x 5/16-24UNF)

IW20, IW21, IW22, IW23, IW24, IW25, IW26, IW27, IW28, IW29

IB Series

(1/8"BSP Taper x 5/16-24UNF)

IB20, IB21, IB22, IB23, IB24, IB25, IB26, IB27, IB28, IB29

Interlube Positive Displacement Units (For Oil or Grease)

PD34 Series

Thread (M8x1 - M8x1)

Volume (0.03, 0.06, 0.10, 0.16, 0.25, 0.40, 0.60)

Length (49.5 mm)

Part Number: PD3403, PD3406, PD3410, PD3416, PD3425, PD3440, PD3460)

PD31 Series

Thread (1/8" BSPT- 1/8" BSPT)

Volume (0.03, 0.06, 0.10, 0.16, 0.25, 0.40, 0.60)

Length (51.5 mm)

Part Number: PD3103, PD3106, PD3110, PD3116, PD3125, PD3140, PD3160)

PD24 Series

Thread (M8X1)

Volume (0.03, 0.06, 0.10, 0.16)

Length (40 mm)

Part Number: PD2403, PD2406, PD2410, PD2416)





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